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Are you tired of fighting with yourself and all the conflicting ideas about the 'how to's' of living your best life? 

Are you exhausted with trying to figure out how to make life sustainable for you as a creative or a healer juggling many roles?

Are you frustrated with having really amazing, profound and life-changing gifts that don't translate into your own life changing? 

Do you get discouraged by the new age "healers" and influencers that seem to live the life that you long for, but none of them seem to have your background, challenges, or identity? Or any challenges, for that matter?

Do you get frustrated by the hustle and grind culture but also by the increasing commercialization of rest and ease as the new self-improvement goal post? 

Do you want to live life from your gifts, centered on your genius and in your power but figuring out how to do that seems increasingly impossible?

Join me for Currency, a class on exquisite flow for healers and creatives, centering the experiences of Black women. 


There are a thousand money gurus that can sell you the best marketing strategies, funnel systems, spells and potions to make 7 figures in the next 6 months.

This isn't that class.

This class will, however, help you get clear on how to make money on your terms without grind, without hustle, without breaking your neck or swerving way out of your lane to beg for- I mean "attract"- clients. 

This class will help you to connect to the transformative beauty of your gifts beyond mere survival. 

In this class, you will learn how to take the pressure off of yourself and lean more fully into your gifts in order to live a life truly in flow and in alignment.

Are you seeking beauty, ease, pleasure, astounding joy and bliss in your daily life? Currency will help you to deeply connect to the core truth of who you are, to share that intimacy, and reveal the abundance that is your birthright. 

In Currency, we will heal places of internalized oppression around your value, your worth, and even your mission. In this class, I will show you how to serve without muling, how to enjoy abundance without grinding, and how to love your life without trying to fix yourself. 

Listen, I'm not a business guru or even particularly business savvy. I am a middle-aged Black queer mother of 5, with clinically diagnosed C-PTSD and recently diagnosed ADHD, and a high school diploma. If I listened to what the world had to say about my possibilities, I would not be here. But I've gone from being terrified to offer $60 workshops to having $25K clientele. My whole life is a testimony to the miraculous and the lie of impossibility. I want to share that with you. 

I'll show you how I do it, but most importantly, in this workshop I'll support you in finding out how you do it, completely and authentically your way. 

This class is perfect for healers, spiritual workers, creatives and self-employed service folks who want to stop contorting themselves into "business people" in order to access success. This is for people who know that their gifts are more than just transactional- they are transformative- and are ready to not just transform the lives of others, but their own. 

Be warned though, this class has a radically different approach to life, wealth and ease than you are probably used to. 

All are welcome, but in this class we center Black and Indigenous Women.



May 28- July 23rd 2022


Saturdays, 11:00 AM- 1 PM EST

Integration Break: June 18th 


Early Bird Enrollment: 

$1695-- ends April 18, 2022

Regular price: 

$1995-- Enrollment ends May 1st

Payment Plan: 

3 Payments of $777 ($2331)

  • Includes 1 one-on-one session


Apply Here

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