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Motherhood is a scam. 

Most of us are products of overwhelmed, overburdened mothers who experienced the trauma of mothering in a society that actively hates and oppresses BIPOC mothers and their children. 

Many of us are overwhelmed and overburdened mothers, feeling depleted from the never-ending demands of unsupported motherhood, without the time and space for our own recovery and nourishment. 

We love our children, for sure, but that doesn't make the neverending saga of motherhood in this society less self-sacrificial, less hard, less impossible. 

Motherhood in this society fucking sucks. 

"Working with Joy is like having an ancient ancestor in real-time there to assist me on this good walk of life. A good friend by my side and force of nature there to serve as a guide towards the internal powers within that are a reservoir of creative potential, acceptance and tools to access fulfillment."
Image by Kristy Kravchenko

"When I think of the essence that Joy brought to the Free Mama course, I get images of the left and right spirit guides depicted in the movies, that sit on our shoulders and serve as our inner conscience. Joy most definitely gave me a good word or two."



There's another way.

Join me on an 8 week journey of self-discovery, deep nourishment, mothering community, decolonial & liberatory practices around mothering and motherhood, and freedom from shackles of grind and resentment that come with the standard issue motherhood. 

Image by Tienko Dima

For 8 weeks we will practice: 

  • Deconstructing Motherhood

In Week 1, We will get real about our ideas of motherhood, the reality of motherhood, and what we and our children need to really thrive in societies and systems that are set up for our demise- including the system of motherhood.  

  • Curiosity over Self-Criticism

In week 2, we will begin to unpack the places where we critique ourselves and think that we are falling short as mamas, and find places for healing and exploration​

  • Grounding & Healing Rituals for Mama & Child

In week 3, we will deepen our relationship with our spiritual support systems and engage in building rituals for our wellness and the wellness of our children. ​

  • Healing the inner-child triggers

In week 4, we explore the places where we experienced wounding as children that come up for us as parents. We may experience the most heat, tension and friction in our parenting relationships here.  Let's tend to these wounds so that we can show up more fully.  ​


  • Redefining Love

In week 5, we  deepen our understanding of decolonial love as it pertains to mothering children. Society teaches us that children are property, and that we are responsible for making them good people. We will delve deeply here into more nourishing and healed version of love that fosters engaging and building relationship with our children no matter what age. ​

  • Somatic & Sensual Self-Love

In week 6, we tend to our gardens.  Nothing blooms from arid, barren land. In this week, we will focus on tending to your own garden so that you have a deep well of vital energy to draw on when parenting. ​

  • Building our village

In week 7 we will identify our key areas of needed support- whether we are partnered or single, release ourselves from shame and fear we have around our areas of supposed "lack", find healing where we hold resentment, and begin to find our resources. ​


  • Architecting a life big 'nuff for all of us

In Week 8 we will commit to a version of our lives that doesn't diminish us or deny our children. We culminate our 8 week journey in in depth studies for what our decolonial lives look like as we move forward in our lives. ​

  • In-Person Ceremony (Optional)

June 17-18th: Childcare + Overnight  lodging included

Required texts for this course: 

all about love, bell hooks

Raising Free People, Akilah S. RIchards

The Key: A workbook for freedom from anxiety and fear, Joy KMT

Image by Kyle Cleveland
"I felt safe and tended to. I felt like for once, I mattered. Taking this course was really a matter of life or death for me. Joy saved me, and I mean that. I probably would have continued on covering up my feelings for the sake of the family, or removing myself from the catastrophe of what I felt life had been by numbing myself to my true desires and sense of self worth."
Image by Todd Trapani
Image by Sebin Thomas

"Joy is bad arse! And you must experience the fruit of her gifts at least once in this lifetime. You will be forever changed."


  • Classes are Thursdays 3/23/23-5/19/23 from 6 PM-8 PM EST

  • Classes are held virtually

  • In-Person Ceremony location TBA

  • Textbooks will be provided.

  • Includes one deep dive one-on-one session.

  • Class is for Black Mamas, Indigenous Mamas, and Mamas of color. This class is for anybody who identifies as a mother or mama, including trans and nonbinary mamas and non-gestating mamas. Topics of childbirth, gender &  body dysphoria & euphoria may arise as part of these conversations.

  • This class is for mamas of children of all ages, including teenagers & adult children. 

Cost: $777 for virtual portion only. 

$995 for virtual + in-person ceremony.

$200 Deposit holds your spot. 


Registration Ends 3/1/23

A deposit holds your spot in this class for either package. Class must be paid in full before first class, 3/23/23 unless we have discussed alternate arrangements.  Payments are nonrefundable; Deposits are nonrefundable.  

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