July 2-August 12, 2019

With Joy KMT, Teaching Alkhemist

Who iz you when you iz free? Liberation & Miracles is an alkhemical, 7 week course focused on the spiritual & material liberation of Black women & nonbinary folks (the course is open to all WOC  & nonbinary POC).

For 7 weeks, we will not only answer that question, we will live, eat & breathe the answer to that question. We will make war on internalized oppression, make love to the wounded & shadow parts of ourselves, & spin gold out of our dreams. 

You will learn the alkhemy that transmutes generational trauma, transforms limitation into miracles, & changes the way you perceive yourself & your world. Most importantly, you will become intimate with your own natural power. If you are ready to become the Magician, this course is for you. If you are ready to see and live beyond mundane illusions, this course is for you. 

About Liberation & Miracles

Fill out your Liberation & Miracles application here. Space is limited to 15 participants, & we operate on a first accepted, first served basis. We are so excited for you to join us; apply today!

Join us.

Liberation & Miracles was just the medicine that I needed. Through the course I was able to build muscle memory around my gifts. I feel more centered in this my truths. I feel more JOYful thanks to Joy.

Dr. LeConte Dill, Play Priestess, Poet, & Professor

I was told to find Joy. When Joy KMT first sent an invitation for her course, Liberations and Miracles, I was at a place of constant questioning of my value, my purpose, and my sanity. I couldn't seem to take full breaths.


She guided me through an experience that I will forever be grateful for.

Without judgement and with great care, we entered a realm of listening to my sweetest, most clear voice..we went deep. The format of individual sessions paired with group meet-ups was beautiful. It was a gift to be in community with black femmes... understanding that each of us as individuals needed each other in all of our glory and magic. An affirmation that is so direct and necessary. Such serious work and play we had! Not for the light-hearted. And anytime I wanted to be, she reminded me of why I had said yes to liberation and miracle. And I am so so grateful I have. The work and play continues, and I have so many tools, language, and memories from our time together. Breathing deep and rooted in my divine truth in order to fly.

Jasmine Hearn, Witch, Choreographer, Performer, Story-Teller, Organizer, and Phoenix 

I am blessed to have Joy guiding me through this life changing work. Joy helps me dive deep into the parts of myself that yearn for healing and tenderness. Every time I work with Joy, I feel a heaviness lift from my shoulders because a new way of thinking has been given to me, along with tools to work through my trauma. It's not that I feel "better", but more enriched, full and like my true self. I can't recommend Joy's classes enough! Julia Johnson, Community Organizer & Activist

Liberation & Miracles is an ever-revealing course that holds you in love and pushes you towards the center of yourself.  Joy is really amazing, and she created a space where I felt safe, heard, and loved. In our one on ones she held me in truth, love and light, and throughout the entire course (and after) I knew she was 100% committed to my growth. I am so grateful to have been in a space with very amazing and supportive femmes with the same objective, to get more in tune with our own healing. -Tresa Murphy Green, Artist & DJ

Joy's voice and heart is so present and fierce. I was led through an intensive process of reconnecting with the parts I'd cut off long ago, and I'm operating with a new framework of magic and self-love that I never even thought was possible for me. I left the class feeling full and intimate with the universe in a way I haven't felt for probably ten years. Joy is a cosmic birth worker, aiding fellow black femmes giving fierce birth to the possibilities within themselves. -Cicil Marlique, witch and priestess of divine weirdness


The frustration with a lack of spiritual/ mystical/healing classes that spoke to the experiences of Black women led to the creation of this course by alkhemist Joy KMT. Time and Time again, Joy watched Black women be swindled and malnourished by LOA,The Secret & other New Age teachers whose courses and spiritual practices were either far too shallow to be applicable to Black women or whose practices were rooted in toxic white supremacist cultures. Joy began to develop her own alkhemical practices over 10 years ago. This is the 3rd year of Liberation & Miracles.

Why Liberation & Miracles? 


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