Liberation & Miracles

Spring 2020

Tuesdays, April 21- June 16th


Liberation & Miracles is the course you take when you want more than a couple worksheets, affirmations & general feel good advice.


 You want to do more than survive. You don't want a get-away, you're not looking for a spiritual "retreat". You want to tap in, drop in to the seat of your power- Liberation & Miracles is for you. 


You want to love yourself and your life, and you want to live a life you love.

You want to be deeply witnessed, loved and held in an intimate & sacred container by a skilled alkhemist & expert at 'shadow' work.

You want to be who your dreams whisper you are.

If you are prepared to gather up all the pieces of yourself that you have abandoned, if you are prepared to bring your whole self over the threshold into the miraculous truth, wealth, love & power that is you, this is THE course to say yes to. 

This is where YOU bloom.

About Liberation & Miracles


8 weeks of alkhemical transformation & healing. 

You will: 

  • learn to tell the difference between your inner oracle & other bullshit 'inner voices'

  • learn where you are leaking power & how to stop it.

  • learn where you are blocking your miracles, & how to consistently create breakthroughs in all areas of your life.

  • heal old traumas

  • free yourself from patterns of powerlessness

  • learn to shift your reality from lack & frustration to ease & abundance. 

You will receive: 

  • Individual instruction tailored to your desires, circumstances and needs. 

  • A supportive, yet rigorous environment to deeply integrate, absorb and practice what you learn, in real time. 

  • exercises, rituals, & activations to support your emergent power 

  • supportive relationships with other students

  • answers.


Tuesdays, 7-8:30 PM From April 21, 2020-June 16, 2020 breaking on May 19th for integration. Three one on one sessions & weekly chat check-ins. 


Google Meet



Apply & Interview. If accepted, choose your payment option.


First In: 

$888 if paid in full before March 1st.

Early Bird: 

$999 if paid in full before March 19th 


Last Call:

$1311 full price, due by April 15th

Payment Plan: 

Deposit of $250 holds your spot,

5 payments of $250, due by April 15th

Previous Liberation & Miracle Students:  Inquire about the Work/Trade Discount!


This course is open to Black & Indigenous People of Color, centering Black women. It's led by Joy KMT, teaching alkhemist, miracle worker & transformation leader. 



"Everytime i work with joy, i feel a heaviness lift from my shoulders because a new way of thinking has been given to me."


"listen, its's real simple. the quality of healing i receive from a black healer like joy is unmatched by any other kind of healer/therapist/friend. it's not something i can explain, i think it requires noting the difference for yourself.”


"I was led through an intensive process of reconnecting with parts of myself i cut off long ago. i'm operating with a new framework of magic and self-love that i never thought was possible for me."


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