The Anti-Retreat

March 29- April 1, 2019

Hampton, Virginia


why rage? 

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Nestled in a small sea-side community; 45 minutes from the first official landing site of enslaved Africans 400 years ago; Hampton, Virginia is where an intimate circle of Black women will heed the call to honor their individual, collective and ancestral rage, March 29-April 1, 2019. 

Experience being deeply and lushly supported by Joy KMT and staff, being held by the energy of the ocean, challenged by fire ceremonies, daily spiritual baths, individual body work & collective ritual. Every part of the anti-retreat from the specially prepared meals, to the clothing, to the ambiance is designed to support your healing and wholeness.

What you can expect:

  • Daily Spiritual Baths

  • Daily Yoga & Movement

  • Daily Ocean Sojourns

  • Delicious food specifically crafted to nourish your healing fire

  • Daily Ceremony & Ritual

  • Ancestral Ceremony

  • Daily Pussy Blessings (For those with physical &/or nonphysical pussies who wish to)

  • Daily Womb Centering (For those with physical &/or nonphysical wombs who wish to)

  • Individual Bodywork & Crystal Gridding

  • Sojourn to the Great Dismal Swamp (Maroon Territory)

  • 24/7 on-call staff support & crisis/healing support

  • Aftercare healing session

  • + more

Accommodations, meals & activities transportation are included. 

All Black women are invited to attend.

Black women are expected to use our anger only in the service of other people’s salvation or learning. But that time is over.

-Audre Lorde

About Joy Kmt

Joy KMT is a Master Alkhemist who has  supported the healing of Black women for 10 years. She is a student of Diva Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly, an ordained Nubian-Khamite Priestess. Some of her cherished achievements include catching a newborn baby, ruining Iggy Azalea's career & creating the first Healing Artist Residency in the nation.


She has been a featured speaker for a plethora of events and a workshop facilitator with many organizations & universities, including Howard University, Black Women's Blueprint & the Black Quantum Futurism Collective.


Testimonials ofJoy's Work

"Liberation & Miracles gave me the space to grieve. To allow myself to feel feelings I had hidden in order to survive. You don't know how much you need that until you're given the space to do so. Joy's voice and heart is so present and fierce. I was led through an intensive process of reconnecting with the parts I'd cut off long ago, and I'm operating with a new framework of magic and self-love that I never even thought was possible for me. I left the class feeling full and intimate with the universe in a way I haven't felt for probably ten years. Joy is a cosmic birth worker, aiding fellow black femmes giving fierce birth to the possibilities within themselves."

Cicil Marlique, witch and priestess of divine weirdness

"I am blessed to have Joy guiding me through this life changing work. Joy helps me dive deep into the parts of myself that yearn for healing and tenderness. Every time I work with Joy, I feel a heaviness lift from my shoulders because a new way of thinking has been given to me, along with tools to work through my trauma. It's not that I feel "better", but more enriched, full and like my true self. I can't recommend Joy's classes enough!"


Julia Johnson - Community Organizer & Activist


"I knew that I would be moved beyond myself into a portal of sacred space that is not often, if ever, opened with Black women as the loving central thematic inspiration.... So much so, that tears fell from my eyes from beginning to end. The Tabernacle Of Immaculate Perception was set to be both focus and backdrop for a spiritual experience I will not ever forget." 

Ceremony Participant

"Expect Joy to be an amazingly perceptive, firm yet gentle guide towards your most necessary truth. She does not lecture, but skillfully and seemingly effortlessly helps you to arrive on your own to an empowering revelation. And all of this occurs with an ever-present, razor sharp analysis of race, class and gender based oppression. I left feeling spiritually renewed, and more receptive and open to wonder and love."

- Ruth Martial, mother & activist

"I would recommend it for those who are ready for spiritual elevation and being completely open to experiencing the power of our ancestors."

- Participant in the Ancestral Grieving & Healing Retreat

"Liberation & Miracles is ever revealing course that holds you in love and pushes you towards the center of yourself. For me, that has been one of the biggest themes I got out of the class, learning what that means and unpacking the many many things that surrounds that. Joy is really amazing, and she created a space where I felt safe, heard, and loved. In our one on ones she held me in truth, love and light, and throughout the entire course ( and after) I knew she was 100% committed to my growth. I am so grateful to have been in a space with very amazing and supportive femmes with the same objective, to get more in tune with our own healing."

-Tresa Murphy Green, artist

About  Rage Anti-Retreat


Why a Rage Anti-Retreat?What is an "Anti-Retreat"?

One of the most common insults that Black women hear and work hard to avoid is "Angry Black Woman". We are taught to "retreat from our rage and our knowing. Hence this healing container is not a retreat, but an intensive in self-intimacy. Why rage? On the journey to explore & heal anger we found:

  • Deep Fatigue

  • Blocked Creativity

  • Depression

  • Lack of voice

  • Lack of clarity

  • Lack of momentum

  • Giving on 'E'

  • Inability to be present

  • Chronic fibroids, cysts & tumors

  • Inability to say no or stand up for yourself

  • Lack of 'zest' in life

  • Lack of follow through

  • Indecisiveness

  • "Snapping" on people who do not deserve it/ are more vulnerable than you. 

  • Self-neglect.

All of these may be symptoms of deeply suppressed rage. We also found that rage in and of itself is not an adversary, but a guardian of the sacred.

Stripped of the tools & support to dance with the fire of rage & build a generative relationship, too many women are dealing with the toxic effects of unexpressed and deeply suppressed rage. 


Black women are often not holding just their own individual rage, but collective rage and ancestral rage. Many times Black women find themselves the repository of the rage of others.

The Rage anti-retreat is an intensive healing container designed to lushly support Black women in building a deep & nourishing relationship with their rage. Together we will examine the spiritual, mental & physical impact of rage, while exploring how to be in healthy, dynamic & opulent relationship with rage. 



So why don't we just call it a retreat? This healing container is specifically designed for deep encounters with intimacy, connection & radiant vulnerability. While the Rage anti-retreat will include copious rest, nourishment & relaxation- the emphasis is on deep connection and radical intimacy with self. 

Come, meet your whole magnificent self. 

Rage: The Anti-Retreat
Mar 29, 2019, 5:00 PM – Apr 01, 2019, 10:00 AM
Hampton, VA, USA

 *All Pricing Includes  Accommodations, Meals & Activity Transportation

$999/ early bird -  $1255/regular price - Payment Plans Available

 Questions? e-mail us: info@tabernacle.life



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