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Mask Off 2018

January 4, 2018



You have a vision that will change the world. A purpose and a calling on your life that will open the floodgates of healing for your family, your community, your people and folks around the world. But you keep playing it small, waiting for the right time, doing everything but making the decision to walk fully in your divinely incandescent purpose. Sure, you may have made the website, the business calls, done the networking, the marketing. You may have the education, the articulation and a intellectual brilliance that just never quits (mmmm…..I see you with your sexy brains!). To everyone else, you might even be doing just fine, but the vision that you have for your life and your calling just seems to slip right out of your grasp, even as you are saying all the right things and making all the right moves.

Nevertheless, you’ve decided that this is your year. Like millions of people across the world, when that ball drops wherever you are at, you will have made your resolutions for 2018. If you’re really serious, you might have rocked the energy of the solstice with soul-deep ritual and prayer, set your intentions and thrown your doubts in the fire. You might have gotten real funky with a vision board, your dreams live and in color for you to wake up and see every single day. Yessss, tho! You have taken amazing steps to stand in the fullness of your being! I’m proud of you.

This is the scary part. 92% of people that make New Year’s Resolutions don’t stick with them. After the glitter and the rush, the freshness of a New Year starts to wear off and old habits start to kick in. The same ruts that we swear we left in the old year come knocking on our door again. The same situations, the same responses and the same results. Here’s the thing, if 92% of people are not reaching their New Year’s goals, then the issue isn’t an individual flaw or lack of willpower. The issue is that the culture that we are in doesn’t generally address the alchemical process of transformation that must happen in order for us to reveal your most magnificent, impossible self. Yet, you know that she exists. You hear the electricity of her crackling around the edges of your daily life. You get glimpses of her sometimes when you are in flow. You dream about her sometimes when you let yourself daydream. She’s behind the resolutions that you write and the intentions that you make but somehow you being that person is always just a little out of reach.

I’m going to give you just a few tips for sticking with your New Year’s intentions this year.

  1. Ask yourself the fundamental question, “Who am I and what is my superpower?”

We have this mythology in American culture that a superhero is someone who has a ordinary life during the day and a superhero costume that they pull out at night to solve the world’s problems; a secret identity that cannot be revealed under any circumstance, even to the people that are closest to them. This is a manifestation of a collective consciousness that says that your superhero self must be relegated to the closet of your daydreams, while your ordinary self goes to work, pays your bills, walks your dog and runs your day-to-day life. The problem is, the real costume is your “ordinary self”. Now I’m not saying that you say “fuck my bills, I gotta go rescue people from burning buildings.” What I’m saying is that only you can show up as you with the mission of healing the specific pain that humanity carries in the way that you do it. And it’s when you show up as your superhero self that you begin to see your vision unfold for your life the way you desire it to. It is continually serving with your gifts that allows the destiny within your DNA to be unfurled into its greatness. It is saying “yes” to the electricity of your divine genius again and again, touching people’s lives radically and deeply, that reveals all that you have intended. Like James Baldwin said, “Our crown has already been bought and paid for. All we have to do is wear it.” The same goes for your cape.


2. Don’t Improve, Allow


Self-Improvement is like going to the costume shop to try on a superhero costume over your “ordinary self” costume. Don’t do it to yourself, it’s not a good look. Self-improvement is an addiction to the idea of “someday” and the future. It doesn’t allow you to show up right now, today, in your full, radiant magnificence. Self-improvement starts with the premise that you’re fucked up and you need to get it together. What I’m saying here is that you want to allow- give yourself permission to take that ill-fitting “ordinary” mask off. Shed the too-tight idea of smallness. Give yourself permission to say “yes” to divine self- your superhero self- in all of your decisions- from what time you wake up in the morning to what colors you wear and what conversations you have. Move from “resolution” to “revelation”. Give yourself permission to let go of the mask of ordinary- because you are anything but.



3. Surround yourself with a “Yes” Team.


I don’t mean people that tell you yes to every idea, thought and whim that you have. I mean people that see the light of God in you and respond to that light with an enthusiastic “Hell Yeah!”. People that are enthused about who you are, even if they don’t get the full picture yet. People that will hold up a mirror to your resplendent self when you forget, and won’t let you go when the nostalgia for the comfort of that “ordinary” mask is calling you like a bad ex with great sex.


4. Get Yourself a Me.


What I mean is, get yourself a mentor, a life coach, a teacher that is devoted to supporting you through radical transformation. Now, that doesn’t have to be me (even though I’m one of the dopest miracle midwives and transformational alchemists that you will probably ever see in your entire life). Your coach is gonna be someone who is deeply devoted to your fullest and most astonishing self, and speaks directly to that self. Your mentor is gonna be someone who is giving you the spiritual nourishment that your soul needs in a way that you can receive. Your teacher is gonna be someone who shows up again and again, with an unmistakable connection to a deep well of divine love and truth, showing you the tools that you can use to release yourself from a bondage of smallness and fear. You will know this person when you feel them. They will be committed to seeing the truth of you revealed and your truth will respond to them. Committing to doing the work with a teacher, mentor, coach, or transformational alchemist is part of the commitment to yourself and to your New Year’s Revelations.

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January 4, 2018

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