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Miracle-Making is an Act of Liberation

January 14, 2018


The truth about miracle-making is that miracles are a revolutionary liberation from the lies of man-made and imposed oppression- that which we generally consense upon as reality.


The primary tools of oppression are violence which creates fear. The act of oppression is dismembering one from oneself, one’s community, and one’s ancestors. But what most of us don’t talk about is that the number one effect of oppression is the disconnection of ourselves from our Divine nature, separating ourselves from the true nature of our eternal, universal, Divine and infinite Selves and replacing that power with an unsustainable power-over others that rests upon a fragile domination that must be consistently reinforced with violence in order to be maintained.


Miracle making is not about making something that is not real magically appear. It is not about thinking something into reality. It is not about manifestation. It is about healing our connection to (remembering what has been dismembered) Divine and the universe. It is about accessing the joy of our miraculous existence and allowing that joy to reveal itself in the midst of our everyday lives. Yes, this is a bit esoteric- a spiritual devotion to the expression of your infinite & magnificent self. And it is necessary. When we do not approach the war on our bodies, minds and spirits with all of the power and grace available to us, we are easily defeated.


When our vision of who we are is clouded by the lies we have been told about who we are then we are unable to see ourselves outside of the confines of our circumstances, in communion and in harmony with the rest of the universe, with our ancestors and guardian spirits & angels. White Supremacy is so very small compared to the galaxy, oppression so very infinitesimal compared to the universe, compared to the miracle of your cells and atoms and molecules dancing in concert so that you could open your eyes this morning and dwell in your truth. When we cannot feel that connection though, all of our efforts lead to burnout, smallness, isolation, exhaustion, and even death.


Miracles, accessing the impossible, are gifts that the universe gives you for your understanding of yourself and your relationship with Divine. They aren’t means to an end- that’s sideshow magic (Not hating on all forms of Magic- just the corny kind). They are physical revelations of spiritual truths- the things that many of us say to ourselves and each other, but don’t really seem to mean. It is one thing to say that we are Divine beings in conversation with and relationship to the Infinite, it is another thing altogether to devote yourself to the revelation of that relationship in your physical reality.


The difference between miracles and corny, sideshow magic is that sideshow magic is about changing/tricking reality, miracles transform you and your perspective. The way most folks talk about something like the secret is “magical thinking” , and it can be oppressive because oftentimes it does nothing to transform our relationship with internalized oppression, instead focusing on pulling ourselves up by our mental bootstraps- it’s often about denying parts of who you are to make life better. The practice of devoting yourself to the Divine and Infinite Grace that exists within you, through you, and in relationship to you is transformative. It is about how deeply you can and will say ‘yes’ to yourself. It is about choosing you, no matter how big and crazy and wild and impossible you may seem in every moment. It’s not sideshow magic. It’s just who you really are.


In Immaculate Gratitude for the Miracle of You,




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