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"Until you do right by me, everything you think about is going to crumble!"

Celie, The Color Purple. Also, You to You.

Here is the problem with most manifestation teachers. They’re focused too much on teaching you the exact combination of affirmations and meditations and crystals that will give you either a good parking spot in Whole Foods all the time or a winning lottery number. Maybe attract the lead character of your favorite romance novel.

At the same time, you got a voice going on in the back of your head heckling all your attempts at positive thinking, telling you “that shit don’t work.” And deep down, you know it’s true. There is no vending machine universe where you put in a certain code and out pops your prize in the form of a brand new car or a brand new life. There is no universe where you get to be a passive observer, picking stuff off the screen of your imagination like a godly QVC.

So the universal consumer you and the cynical little heckler you play tug of war back and forth day in and day out until you give up and decide to just be “reasonable”. The heckler’s satisfied and the consumer gets to exercise control over whatever little spiritual new age bones you throw it. Compromise, you say to yourself, as you drink coffee from your lilac namaste mug. Balance, you say, as you buy another affirmational day planner.

And all the while you’re suffocating inside. Because the real meat and bones of what you’ve actually been longing for, you haven’t even begun to be able to pin down. It stalks your “reasonable” expectations with jealousy. Casually undermines your happiness. Tinges your self-worth with the ashes of resentment. Steals from your now and borrows from your someday.

It’s what you have been taught to abandon- yourself.

The most difficult thing about my job as a life transformation expert & bonafide miracle worker is helping people to perceive themselves as their own first & best miracle.

It sounds nice and catchy and cliche, simple even, but in a society that teaches you that to get anything you want, you have to be anything but yourself, it’s one of the hardest lessons for most people to truly understand. It’s also a lesson fundamental to sustainable transformation. If you don’t have it, everything else in your life is also poisoned by your inability to see yourself clearly, to perceive yourself honestly, and to know yourself deeply.

Most people come to work with me trying to fix some part of themselves or their lives that they see as broken. They come with the tension described above- they want miracles but don’t truly believe in their possibility. They want to figure out the secret of making the universe work for them, how to pop a code into the universe and come up winning.

When I tell them that my job is simply to help them be themselves- that being themselves is a prerequisite for winning- of course they don’t want that, because who wants what they’ve been taught to believe is damaged, inadequate and lacking? Of course that’s not enough, because they’ve been taught they’re not enough. At worst it’s a scam and at best it’s a mistake- Maybe it works for other people, but certainly not for them. After all, being them is what got them into this mess in the first place, isn’t it?

You know, nothing could be further from the truth.

Self-abandonment is the number one cause of stagnation, frustration, and deprivation. Self-abandonment cuts you off from the source of magic, miracles and all good things.

We’ve been taught that self-denial and self-improvement will get us what we want and that devotion to self is dangerous. True self-devotion is dangerous. But only to oppression. Only to lack. Only to stagnation. Only to what stands in between you and the truth of who you are.

And that’s the gap most people are afraid to leap, even walk when a bridge is offered. We’ve been taught for so long that there is something deeply deeply wrong with us, it seems utterly impossible, ridiculous and preposterous that self-devotion is the medicine that will transform your life.

But genuine self-devotion is the only bridge that will take you straight to the core of your real power, your liberation, your truth, your sovereignty. It’s a backstage pass to where the real miracles happen- intimacy with the universe, and intimacy with yourself.


Are you tired of frustration and stagnation? Ready to fall in love & liberation with yourself? Are you ready to surrender everything that has kept you from yourself and walk into 2020 aligned with Divine and living in your vision? Are you ready for miracles- the real ones, not the vending machine ones?

Apply for The Juice- 3 months of one-on-one power revelation work. I work with extraordinary people with large visions and interesting obstacles who are ready to be who they came here to be. If that’s you, put your application in today.

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