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Desperation will never feed you.

When is the last time you made decisions in your life based on what you truly wanted? What about all of your decisions?

when you're caught up in survival mode, anything beyond the basic necessities becomes a 'desire', and, I daresay, even the basic necessities are considered a desire here in this society.

We live in a system that profits off of you suppressing your desire. I've lived many years of attempting to murder my own desire so that I can be 'good'. But suppression of desire leads to lack; you can 'need' something all you want but if you don't allow your desire to exist, you cannot fully receive it. If that sentence is hard to grasp, read it without desire: anything you do not allow to exist, you cannot fully receive.

I've been very careful with my latest class, Alkhemy, to not use marketing techniques that try to make people think they should take this course because they need it, because this class is not for desperate people who need to be manipulated into doing what's "good" for them. This class is for people who have a deep desire to know how to be in a loving, passionate, earth-moving relationship with their own power. This class is for people who have made a decision to be in conscious relationship with the gifts they've been given and walk forward in the truth of their wealth & power.

Alkhemy is a class for the passionate, not the needy. It is for people who are tired of making moves out of desperation. It is for people who decide to move from the core of their own internal fire, desire & fuck yes.


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