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Get Real.

So much messaging out there that wants to put you back in a box.

Tells you that your spiritual and inner life is secondary to whatever the headline of the moment is. That tells you that pleasure needs to fall behind a long torturous to-do list + lots of hand-wringing + worry.

I'm here to tell you that not a single ounce of worry helps anybody and your to-do list can't be powered by caffeine forever, plus I've never had a single headline feed me or my family. I'm not telling you to not care about what's going on in the world and lock yourself in a bubble (it'll get popped real quick).

I'm just saying that there's a whole society built on your separation from yourself and your own knowings; the distractions are meant to keep you from finding your own footing. The lies of productivity exist to keep you on a hamster wheel that energizes an economy that is based on enslavement and destruction.

Nothing can shift without a momentum and a dedication to that which is real- your own power, your own truth, your own joy- individually and collectively. That's why I say #Blackjoy is such a powerful movement.

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