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Wealth Begins with treating yourself well.

Too many of us still think that self-love is something that you reward yourself with after you've done something to be worthy of your own consideration. And so many of us have this tangled up understanding of our self-worth being tied up with our net worth. But you can't build a life you love on a foundation of self-hatred, self-denial, self-loathing and self-criticism. You can't welcome abundance into your life while also punishing yourself on auto-pilot for all the ways in which you are not enough.

These coping mechanisms that we learn in order to cage ourselves and our desires in, these lies that we tell ourselves so that we don't allow ourselves the full pleasure of our own company, these are ways in which we have been taught/learned that we keep ourselves under control.

That's why I don't fuck with self-improvement.

self-improvement tells you that "when you fix these parts of yourself, you will have everything you desire". In my work & tradition- you are everything you desire. No fixing necessary. We've been so manipulated into allowing ourselves to be defined by oppression that many of us don't recognize the absolute spilling over of Divinity & Opulence that we are. That our every step moves the universe into symphonic vibrations on our behalf. That we are beloved. We often times can't see the truth of who we are right in front of our faces because we've been so trained to measure ourselves by a rubric of death- especially if you are Black. Don't get me wrong, this society works hard to convince us that we are worth less than ____________________________. But we cannot afford to measure ourselves by the ruler used to beat us. In fact we cannot afford to measure ourselves at all. How do you measure the infinite expression of Divine condensed into the physical form that is you in this dimension? You can't. You don't. It's futile.

lay the weapons down against yourself. gaze softly at your face in the mirror. drink water. caress your own skin. dance and move your spine. rest and eat your favorite food. surrender your self-loathing; your abundance and wealth is on the other side of that threshold.


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