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You can't hold onto the trap & leave the trap.

In a society built on aggression, surrender is seen as a weakness and a vulnerability to be suspicious of. But the truth is that we are the key to our own expansion, and when we surrender to that which is greater than our current conception of reality, we unlock our own traps and step into a greater understanding of ourselves, our power and our relationship to Divine. We don't surrender to make ourselves small or humble, we surrender our ideas of smallness and humility to enlarge our sense of who we are. So that the impossible of yesterday becomes today's norms.

Because we live in a society that is suspicious of surrender, that teaches that cynicism and intelligence are the same, most people are terrified to surrender. What we are called to surrender is not our power, but our traps.

We all have traps. Maybe your trap is being "nice" so people can like you. Being passive so you don't cause trouble. suppressing your rage so that you can keep peace. dumbing yourself down so you can fit in. focusing on everybody else so that you're never alone. constantly self-improving so that you don't have to face yourself, as you are. Being cynical so that you're not taken advantage of. being harsh and mean so that no one can ever hurt you. being flighty so you're never disappointed. being weak so that you can always be rescued. being easy-going so that you don't have to make your own decisions. being a perfectionist so that you never fail. hurting yourself so that you don't hurt anybody else- ever.

But if you want to know the heaven within you, you have to surrender the trap. those parts of yourself that you've held onto for so long you think that they are "just you". You can't truly ever be you from inside the trap.


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