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A letter from Clarinda Tusitala Braun for the Fence-sitters:

Forgive this seemingly pompous  but I need to do this properly to give you the lens through which I see the miracle that is Joy KMT. 

One of the perks of my career as a marketing consultant is that I've had the privilege of working closely with dozens (hundreds by now?) of authority figures and leading experts in their field- many of which are in the realms of health, psychology, spirituality. Some are university lecturers, clinicians, corporate trainers; most are notable speakers and/or published authors. In working with many of them, a deep and mutual respect and admiration for each other and our work would grow, and often invoices back and forth. 

I've been in therapy in one form or another for 15 years or so. I battle with mental health as I've had deeply traumatic experiences, physical & emotional, on top of the ordinary stresses that come with being a mama of young children, a business woman, a brown Pacific Islander and all the daily white-centered B.S., cultural conflicts and painful generational trauma that comes with that. I have invested so much in therapists who have the qualifications, the success stories, the accolades- and overall I felt like I was getting the best of the best. Until I met Joy. 

What is different about Joy, is that not only does she understand my plight as a WOC, as an indigenous person, as someone with a high-achieving/type A personality- but she she knows exactly how to respect, acknowledge and get to the other side of epic stagnation, internal conflicts, and high anxiety that is the huge saboteur to my efforts, coming from the background that I do. 

Joy is not afraid of anything. 

I don't think there's anything she's heard from her clients that has her feeling out of her depth! Everything I've ever shared with her- some perverted and graphically violent- has been met with a confidence, a knowing, a fierce witnessing and presence, a deep respect and a loving and non-judgmental holding of space for me to continue to share, and navifate through it. On the contrast, I've literally shared these things with other "experts" only to have them respond with "maybe I'm not the right fit for you." 

One of the biggest things I've learnt from Joy is just how much I've been trained to gaslight myself- to silence myself- to downplay and dismiss, with constant self-attack disguised as "positive thinking" and "gratitude practice"' (which by the way has been perpetuated by many other therapists). 

Joy has guided me to a deeper relationship and open communication with my ancestors, drawing from their wisdom and tools on a daily basis. She understands and respects my cultural needs and values, and the roles that they play in my healing. 

Joy's work is like nothing I have ever experienced before, and since my time with her, I've actually finally learnt about where I'm at-TRULY.  Not a synthetic, hyped up view of myself that only lasts as long as she's cheering me on- but an actual deep understanding of my reality. She's brought me to a place of having a loving, accepting, nurturing view of my past, a blissful present, and a future full of wonder and curiosity in what my ancestors have been busy curating for me.... to see clearly, in a grounded way, why all of that is worth fighting for. Why I should keep going. The clarity and sustenance I get from that and her specific tools and techniques is EVERYTHING. 

If you're onthe fence about whether you work with Joy or not, then you should know that you're actually on the fence of whether you're REALLY going to do the deep work necessary for change... or just dance around it with other people (or not at all). Sorry ( to everyone else lol)... but that's just how I see it, and has been my actual experience. 

Where would I be now, If I met Joy 15 years ago... 

Joy- my wish and prayer for you is to see you surpass the fame, fortune and life of indulgence that even you envision for yourself. You and I both know that there are plenty of others in your "field" who enjoy that, but fall short with their skills and wisdom in comparison. Phew... I did not intend to throw so much shade in this but it's true!!!

You and your beautiful family deserve the world, and more. 

Aloha atu Joy,



Founder of the Matriarchial Business, recently featured in FORBES Magazine.

Working with Joy is like having an ancient ancestor in real-time there to assist me on this good walk of life. A good friend by my side and a force of nature there to serve as a guide towards the internal powers within that are a resevoir of creativne potential, acceptance and tools to access fulfillment. When I think of the essence that Joy brought to the course, I get images of the left and right spirit guides depicted in the movies that sit on our shoulders and serve as our inner conscience. Joy is one of them ones who will tell it like it is. Ain't no sugar coating it, although she takes great strides to soothe the soul while working to unearth the hidden gems that live beneath the surface. I felt safe and tended to. I felt like for once, I mattered. Taking this course was really a matter of life or death for me. Joy saved me, and I mean that. Joy helped me learn how to feel again. All this to say, Joy is bad arse! And you must experience the fruit of her gifts at least once in this lifetime. You will forever be changed. 


Danielle Mason, 
Mother, writer, cultural preservationist, educator.

I know I talk about her a lot, but I don't think I do enough. I say a lot about Joy's babies, and I'm proud to be one of them. There are few out here who will give you back to yourself. They would rather keep and mold pieces of you to fit what they deem acceptable.

But Joy KMT is always going to point you all the way back inside yourself to your own power and expression. She's going to tell you that you're perfect just the way you are, and then she's gonna turn around and help you see that truth. She is the real life Professor X, Oya embodied, and a transforming generator who will put the battery in your back to get you to trust and believe in yourself and the miracles you can create and participate in in your every day life.


Rish De Terra

Producer of the 9 Minds Radio show, author of Root Babies, doula and student midwife

Nickeyia Johnson,
Ancestral Artist.

"Joy Saved my life. My account was $-122. My rent, car note, baby daycare were due. I had no car insurance and expired id tags.


I went back and read our conversations about the field of miracles. Went to the lake and meditated on it. Felt the field take me from my head to my toes. I drove to the dollar store to use my last lil money to get some candles and sea salt.


By the time I got there I had $4000 dollars in my account. I paid my rent. I paid my homegirl's rent. I paid daycare, my car insurance, my tags and the money I owed folks. "


"Listening to Joy is literally like hearing the voice of God. She channels through her. I'm always in awe everytime we talk."


Natalie Bencivenga

Former SEEN editor, Mid-Atlantic Emmy nominated producer

“Through the course i was able to build muscle memory around my gifts. i feel more centered in this knowing. in my truths. i feel more joyful thanks to Joy.”


Dr. LeConte Dill, Practitioner. Urban Ethnographer. Poet, Professor. Play Priestess. Spelmanite. DST Diva.

"Before working with Joy, I used so many mental health workbooks, listened to countless TED talks, went to therapy, but still felt alone and, quite honestly, just did not enjoy being alive. 

I was also dealing with invasive habits and thoughts about myself and my passion project---- thoughts that lead me to giving up, settling when I needed to ask for more, and isolating me. 

Listen, It's real simple, the quality of healing I receive from a Black healer like Joy is unmatched by any other kind of healer/therapist/friend. It's not something I can fully explain. It requires working with Joy and noting the difference yourself". 


Onika Reigns

therapist, rest doula


of Black Dream Escape

“I was told to find joy. When Joy sent me an invitation, i was at a place of constant questioning of my value, my purpose, and my sanity. i couldn't seem to take full breaths.


she guided me through an experience i will forever be  grateful for. we entered a realm of listening to my sweetest, most clear voice.


we went deep. 

the work and play continues, and i have so many tools, languages and memories from our time together that i listen to as i move forward. breathing deep and rooted in my divine truth in order to fly.”


photo courtesy of Whitney Brown Photography

Jasmine Hearn Bessie awarded performer, curator, director, choreographer, organizer, and teaching artist. 2019 Jerome Foundation Jerome Hill Fellow. Collaborator with Alisha B. Wormsley, Vanessa German, Holly Bass, Jennifer Nagle Myers, and Solange Knowles.

“I am blessed to have joy guiding me through this life changing work. Joy helps me dive deep into the parts of myself that yearn for healing and tenderness. 
everytime i work with Joy, i feel a heaviness lift from my shoulders because a new way of thinking has been given to me. it's not that i feel "better" but more enriched, full and like my true self. I can't recommend working with Joy enough!" 


Julia Johnson, Creator, Organizer, Activist, Mother.

“Joy's voice is so present and fierce. i was led through an intensive process of reconnecting with parts of myself i cut off long ago. i'm operating with a new framework of magic and self-love that i never thought was possible for me. i left the class feeling full and intimate with the universe in a way i haven't felt for probably ten years. joy is a cosmic birthworker.” 


Marlique Echols
Afro-Witch, Diviner, Astrologist

Liana Maneese
mother, therapist, historian, reader, writer.

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