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Self-sabotage healing workshop
Overcoming negative self-talk strategies
Anxiety transformation for success
Building a model of success without magical thinking
Holistic pathway to success
Procrastination medicine techniques
Authentic success model workshop
Embracing all identities in your success journey
Trauma-informed success strategies
Resonance with your vision workshop
Empowerment for healers, creatives, and entrepreneurs
Transformative mindset workshop
Navigating success with ADHD and C-PTSD
Inclusive success for diverse identities
Longevity in personal and professional growth strategies
Positive thinking alternatives for success
Inner resistance and success
Effective willpower and discipline techniques
Creating success in real-time workshop
Hotseat Q&A for deeper resonance with your vision
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Do you feel like your own worst enemy at times? 

Are you tired of feeling like nothing you do works? 

Are you constantly frustrated with yourself? Feeling unmotivated, lazy, and uninspired? Do you feel like you should be able to "just do it" but can't?

Are you a deeply gifted healer, a creative, a spiritualist with a lot to offer- but you're also impacted by trauma that stops you from being able to go towards your dreams + your success the way everybody else seems to? 

Are you tired of trying to grind and meeting internal resistance?
But also know you can't just "positive think" your way into success?

Does your negative self-talk get the best of you, overcoming your "willpower " & "discipline"?

It's time to stop working against yourself. 

Join Meet the Tiger, an alkhemy workshop for healing self-sabotage. 

In this workshop, we’ll learn how anxiety, procrastination, heightened emotions and negative self-talk can actually be places of deep transformation and forward momentum in our lives and towards our goals.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • The medicine of procrastination and how to work with it.

  • How anxiety can show you a more holistic pathway to your success.

  • What negative self-talk actually wants.

  • How to build success when you don’t believe your affirmations and ‘magical thinking’ just ain’t enough.

  • How to make room for all of your identities and the impact of  trauma in your big dreams and visions.

  • What to do with failure and how to keep going in the face of it

  • How to prepare for good things in your life.

  • A Q & A to help YOU move in deeper resonance with your vision for YOUR life.

July 12 & 13
3-6 PM PT/6-9 PM EST

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