Oceanic Alkhemy is a 3 day/2 night intimate one-on-one activation on the Ocean's edge in Virginia. It's designed to radically shift your relationship with you, heal deep woundings, & center you in your miraculous truth. 


Who is Oceanic Alkhemy for? 

Oceanic Alkhemy is medicine for geniuses who self-sabotage because of trauma.


It is for people who are ready to come home to their innate, embodied wisdom.


It is for people who are ready to walk with clarity, purpose and fullness in their lives. It is for people who are ready to stop hiding from their truth and walk as the miracle that they are.


It is for people who no longer want to feel trapped and defeated by circumstances and history.


It is for people who want internal liberation. 

 Oceanic Alkhemy is perfect if you: 

  • Have already tried other modalites & you want deeper & more thorough healing.

  • Can't seem to move past a particular roadblock.

  • Feel a constant tension in your day to day life.

  • Have imposter syndrome & feel a sense of self-doubt.

  • feel ungrounded and unpresent.

  • feel that past violence has impacted &/or stunted your growth.

  • are ready to commit to a different approach.

  • are willing to travel.

The Process

Step 1: We begin with a 1-2 hour, in-depth interview of your dreams, hopes, desires, passions, fears, worries, distractions and obstruction, getting to the root of what you need to truly shine.  If we agree to work together, I tailor your Oceanic Alkhemy activation to meet your unique needs. Then we schedule your activation. 

Step 2: We meet the day before the activation. We reestablish what you have come to receive and the healing that you desire. On the day of the activation, I use a variety of spiritual technologies to bring you into alignment with your Miraculous truth. 


We delve deeply into the traps, the snares and the blocks that keep you from accessing your power. You'll leave nourished, activated, and full of vital energy- You'll leave feeling like a walking miracle. 

Step 3: You know how we go on vacation and come back feeling great, only to fall back into the same old same old after a few weeks or even a few days? Step 3 is designed to make this newfound relationship with yourself sustainable. You'll be enrolled into a 6 week resonance program that keeps you strongly supported and nourished as you bring the "real world" back to you. 

Activation Itinerary

Day of Arrival: 

You will be picked up from the airport no earlier than 3 PM EST, & complimentary transportation is unavailable after 8 PM. Please book your flight accordingly. 

Day 1: 

Upon arrival, you will be taken to your private accommodations near the ocean. Your accommodations will reflect the serenity of a remote oceanside retreat. You will have time to relax and refresh yourself before dinner. Over dinner, we will review your goals for the activation. After dinner, we will begin to ritually set the space for your unfoldment. You may be left with an assignment overnight. 

Day 2: 

We reconvene in the morning with breakfast. After breakfast we consecrate the ritual space and begin the work specifically designed for your unique needs. I draw from a number of modalities, including sonic alignment, bodywork, breathwork, smoke ceremonies, trance, energy work, ritual baths and other modalities suited for your needs. It is important to note that I operate from a model of affirmative consent. We break for lunch, with mini-breaks in between to suit your needs, & adjourn at dinner. The day runs from 9ish to 7ish.  After dinner, I continue to hold the sacred space until you are able to sleep. 

Day 3: 

We reconvene in the morning with a silent breakfast. We work together to help you carry your new medicine in the "real world" as we open the ritual container to Everyday/ Mundane time. We make sure that you are energetically sound and ready to go before you depart. Your departure is anytime after lunch, when you will be transported back to the airport. 

Things to know

  • This is not an a la carte service; you must interview before we can do Oceanic Alkhemy together. This is for your safety as well as mine; so that you can understand how I work before you agree to work with me in this intimate setting, and so that I can ascertain whether or not Oceanic Alkhemy is a good fit for your needs. 

  • I host 1-2 Oceanic Alkhemy sojourns per month; that means space is extremely limited and scheduling is extremely important. No deposits or payments made for Oceanic Alkhemy are refundable except in the case of extreme circumstances beyond your control or an act of Divine. Neither are dates transferrable or able to be rescheduled for a later date- your commitment to the process is paramount. That includes showing up. 

  • You are responsible for your transportation to and from Norfolk International Airport. If you are making other arrangements to another airport or another mode of transportation, those changes must be agreed to up front. All other expenses are included in the price of the activation.

  • This area of Virginia is temperate and mild, but it does get chilly. Please pay attention to the weather and pack accordingly. 

  • If you require specific accommodations, please let me know in advance. If you require childcare or pet care, those arrangements must be made within a week of booking Oceanic Alkhemy. 

  • If you have any allergies or dietary preferences, we are happy to tailor the menu to your needs. 

  • It is important to follow the schedule of the resonance program once you arrive home. Departing from the resonance program is at-your-own-risk.  

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