Oceanic Alkhemy

Deep Soul Saturation

What does it take to feel alive, to feel dynamic, to feel possible? To feel empowered by your vision, not intimidated by the "what ifs"? What does it take to go from 'positive thinking' techniques to real, sustainable transformation? What does it take to leave smallness, shame and limitations behind?

Just one yes & one day of Oceanic Alkhemy. 


Oceanic Alkhemy is a one-on-one, in-person, day-long saturation completely & utterly tailored to your journey.

We begin with an in-depth interview of your dreams, hopes, desires, passions, fears, worries, distractions and obstruction, getting to the root of what you need to truly shine. 

Then, you meet me for a day on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, in one of the most beautiful natural settings on the east coast.


We may use smoke baths, sound healing, bodywork, breathwork, sacred medicines, ceremony & other spirit technology that is called for to move energy & support your deep soul work.


We delve into the traps, the snares and the blocks that keep you from accessing your power. You'll leave nourished, activated, and full of vital energy- You'll leave feeling like a walking miracle. 

Afterwards, I support you in integrating your newly revealed power into your everyday life via four rich resonance sessions (online) so that your transformation is sustainable in your life. 

This saturation iz for you if:

  • You can see the vision for your life, but you're not quite sure how to get from here to there. 

  • You have already done some spiritual work & are looking for an intense, intimate transformative experience.

  • You are willing to let go of your opinions about reality.

  • You are knocking on the door of something BIG. 

  • You want to be fiercely & lovingly supported, challenged, & nurtured. 

  • You are willing to travel & invest for your transformation. 

This saturation iz not for you if: 

  • You are commitment-phobic.

  • You are unclear about what you want.

  • You don't want big shifts and changes in your life. 

  • You're just a little curious about what I do. 

What would you do you knew you couldn't fail? 

Oceanic Alkhemy has 4 slots open to deeply inspired BIWOC (Black &/or Indigenous &/or Women of Color) who are ready for a soul-deep transformation.

Book your interview now. 


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