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Pleasure does not exist in a bubble.

Many people have spoken to the inability of new age & love + light movements to be anything more than just a spiritual bypassing hobby for bored, mostly white, people. So much so that the saying "follow your bliss" is synonymous with people who are so spiritually fragile that the mere whisper of "negative energy" is enough to get you excommunicated from those circles.

But pleasure, real pleasure that is the quality of wide-openness with Divine, direct experiential knowledge of your own Divine nature, isn't fragile. It doesn't shy away from the everyday experiences of life. It lives right there in your body, intimate with rage and cuddling with grief. It's an honest, in-the-bones thing that can guide you, but only if you're courageous enough to say the type of yes that moves mountains. True pleasure is not a contradiction of life but a recognition of the truth of who you are, and what your real relationship to Divine is. True pleasure doesn't hide under the bed or run away. True pleasure is a quality of the Great Presence, and is available when we are present, not avoidant.

Many people think that they are "following their bliss" but they are running from pain. How do we know if we are following or running? The quality of our listening allows us to distinguish what voice we are heeding. Does the voice shrink us, or does it turn us to our power and possibility?


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